Point  Media – A Digital Agency

Point Media

A digital agency launched by Syed Asif Ali

When Syed Asif Ali realized that the age to come was the age of social media, he learned digital marketing through YouTube. Within two years of learning digital marketing, he  started a company called Point Media.

Objectives of Point Media

Point Media is a company that works on web editing and informing people about social media account issues.

We solve a variety of people’s problems in terms of social media. These include issues with the most recent YouTube channel monetization and Blue badge Proper Working.

Point Media’s most outstanding achievement is that it has solved the social media problems of many politicians and stars in the past.


Future Goals of Point Media

Due to its professionalism (Point Media), it will be the most popular company in Pakistan, known by Millions of people, and will soon launch its label on music, which will provide employment opportunities to talented and educated people.

Opportunities for Youngsters

A musical logo for Point Media Proper Advertising will be released soon. Along with digital marketing, Point Media will also work on music. Just as music is the food of the soul, one day, the stars of Point Media will become its power.

Point Media will be a stepping stone for those who are singers or musicians and have no platform. And they are determined to bring to the world the potential of singing or music within them, one by one. In the world of music, those skilled people could not continue their skills due to their domestic circumstances. For them, point media will be a backbone in the future.

Asif Ali's message to the youth on the journey to success

An 08-year-old boy migrates from Waziristan to Dera Ismail Khan due to terrorism. He had nothing but his ability and hard work, but because of his hard work and knowledge, he changed from an ordinary man to a manager and then from manager to owner of point media.

It was not an easy step, but it was achieved only because of genuine hard work and dedication. Allah has made man the noblest of creatures and has created a virtue that is not in any other. We have to recognize this virtue only and only. And the point of Point Media is to show young people the way to the future so that they too can make a place for themselves in the world because of their hard work.

Point Media - By Syed Asif Ali

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