About Syed Asif Ali

Syed Asif Ali

A young Businessman & Entrepreneur from Pakistan

Creative Minds Never Die

When a person can do something on his own, even the most giant rock cannot stand in his way. Only those who keep the fire of patience and courage burning inside can reach their destination. 

The present and the coming age is the age of technology we call Global Village, and within it, only those who will survive and update themselves with the nature of time. 

Syed Asif Ali from South Waziristan made a name for himself in the digital world, using his hard work and talents despite his lack of resources. It shows us that the measure of success is exclusively on your hard work and performance and not on your financial background.


Who is Syed Asif Ali

Syed Asif Ali is a young businessman and entrepreneur from South Waziristan. Asif Ali, who lived a life of extreme poverty and then made his mark in society, belonged to Waziristan. 


Asif, who migrated to Dera Ismail Khan at about eight due to a counter-terrorism operation, had no resources. There was a rented house, and then he worked hard in different places to support his family. 


Considering his hard work and abilities, he stepped into marketing and started working in Oppo Mobile Technology as an ordinary salesman. There he rose to the manager position with his hard work and dedication. 


When Asif realized the power of social media, he launched a digital company called Point Media, and now you he is also going to launch a music logo.

Point Media - By Syed Asif Ali

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