Syed Asif Ali

Syed Asif Ali is a young businessman and entrepreneur from South Waziristan. He is a pioneer in the field of digital marketing with 7+ years of experience. Asif is CEO of an emerging digital company Point Media.

Syed Asif Ali

I am Asif Ali-a young businessman and entrepreneur hailing from South Waziristan, Pakistan. I have years of professional experience in the field of digital marketing by utilizing the power of Social Media. Recently, I launched an emerging digital company Point Media and working as its CEO.

My Life Story

Syed Asif Ali is a young, dynamic and intellectual shining star in the field of digital marketing who hails from a small village of the war-torn district of South Waziristan. He opened his eyes in an impoverished family having very little access to the resources leading to a person’s prosperous life. However, despite the meager availability of financial resources and other necessities of life, it was Asif’s quest for achieving his goals, his intellectual capabilities and his perseverance that made him materialize his dreams and achieve his success – become a thriving digital marketer.

We went to his office and asked him to unveil everything about his journey — about his life, when did he develop the quest for digital marketing, how he took a start, what obstacles did he face, what made his journey successful, how much he is earning and many more questions.

Trusted for over 07 years
of experience and passion!

From Social Media to Digital Marketing and Social Work, Asif Ali has conquered every area with his passion, enthusiasm and professional experience.


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